Data Privacy Day, 2013

On occasion of Data Privacy Day, January 28, Data Security Council of India (DSCI) created a wonderful desktop wallpaper, covering the important aspects of Data Privacy.  Sharing both the flavors of wallpaper with all..


Data Privacy Day, 2013

DSCI Data Privacy Wallpaper


Privacy Day

DSCI Data Privacy Day Wallpaper

– originally uploaded by DSCI –


Welcome 2013 !!!

2013 Sea-shore Wallpaper

Welcome 2013 !!!

With Mayan’s Calender ending in 2012, giving rest to all future prediction about the end of world, lets take a 2013 resolution that we as Humans will ensure not to indulge any in inhuman acts that will ensure ‘Real’ end of the world.

Wishing all the readers a wonderful 2013 !!!

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Happy Republic Day!!!

India, it’s not the perfect country one dreams.. but it’s a surely a balanced country that exist.  It gives you your freedom and you need to understand the concept of ‘One’s freedom end’s where another One’s begin’.

Wishing you all, those who cherish and those who take it for granted,

Happy Republic Day! 

A day, in history, when we as countryman received our greatest gift, 

‘freedom’ – way we wish to live our lives!!!