Brainless Bomb : Should LAW have expiry date?

Today was one of the Historic day for Indian people, not because Mr. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi received a grand welcome in America, but because he rejuvenated the dreams of achieving greatness of Indian heritage & re-affirmed his vision of ‘United’ India.  But that’s not this post about, there would be many who will pen down their thoughts on that, both optimistic & pessimistically.

During his speech Mr. Prime Minister touched upon a point that was going around in my thoughts for quite a while.  He said, an high level executive committee is formed to scrap out Indian laws that are almost irrelevant in today’s world.  Indeed an very very positive step towards bringing ‘Good Governance’.  However, I would not like him to stop just as removing those laws, I want him to make necessary changes to law making process, so as to ensure we don’t need similar exercise in future. Here is what I think of & obviously, the well educated can take it forward to see the light of day in most appropriate manner.

Should LAW have an expiry date?

Should LAW have an expiry date?

  1. All LAWS (it includes, ACT passed by Parliament of India or otherwise notified Rules) should have an expiry date attached with it ensuring that LAW dies natural death at some point of time in future.  Why’s that’s required because we as society are evolving & if there is no expiry, very few people will take pain to re-visit the law at frequent duration.
  2. No LAW should have more than 10 years of life span.  It doesn’t mean similar law cannot be enacted after 10 years, but it means that particular LAW should be revisited, debated and with appropriate modification should be re-notified for being in effect.  This will ensure ongoing LAW are more relevant to society that belongs at that point of time.
  3. I do agree that 10 years is at times too impractical to review all enforced LAWs, and thus there should be provision to extend any LAW by period of another 10 years simply by cabinet resolution and President of India acceptance.  This ordinance route should be exercised only once during the entire life span of the LAW, thus ensuring at every 20 years LAW would need Parliament approval route to be in existence.
  4. Each LAW that includes some monetary penalties for non-adherence to LAW should have ‘percentage’ values rather than ‘absolute’ values of penalties. Absolute value loose the deterrence after few years due to depreciation of currency & Inflation.  For e.g., if I am traveling with a friend on train from Mumbai to Delhi, say AC 3-tier coach, the cost of ticket is approximately INR 2000, however if my friend is running 5-10 minutes late, I can stop the train by pulling the chain.  The penalty I pay is mere INR 1000 (which I am anyways gonna loose as cancellation charges if my friend is gonna miss the train).  Does this penalty sounds deterrence to inconvenience thousands of other travelers?  Ideally I should be charged, say 500% of the train fare applicable, i.e., INR 10,000, ensuring I say to my friend please hurry up or take the next train.
  5. LAW should have ‘TRAIL’ period to understand the complete applicability and also use that opportunity to create awareness among law-abides about the implication.  Yes, this should not be applicable on all LAW but definitely the one’s which are based on ‘Societal Behavior’.  Say for terrorism related law, this is obviously not possible, but for say, law stopping ‘dumping garbage on public places’, TRAIL period is good option.  In ‘TRAIL’ period, you don’t impose penalties of citizens, but you give them chance to improve on their mistakes, mostly driven by their habit or behavior.  Again, citizens get aware of such law and also get fair chance to change themselves for better rather then being punished. During the TRAIL period, even government can identified scenarios which may create loopholes in the LAW and amend them accordingly.

These are mere few thoughts that came to my mind and I believe will bring lot of relevance to Individual’s life, if they are being implemented after a healthy debate & discussion.  May not all can go along right at the start, but there is a plan, plan to expire LAW so that more relevant practices can take its place to keep pace with ever evolving society & more importantly an Individual.

If you agree with even a single point mentioned above, share it on Facebook, Tweeter, your Blog or any other place, but spread the word around, ‘BE THE CHANGE’.


Too Lazy to Vote – Think why you shouldn’t vote?

Still Think Why to Vote

Too Lazy to Vote – Think why you shouldn’t vote?

On evening when the Chief Election Commission sounded bugle for commencement of the biggest festival of Democracy, Elections, posting this picture I found on Facebook to salute the spirit of this young lady to contribute to this festival of Democracy.

Many of us come up with wired reason for ‘Not’ to vote.  I wouldn’t say I agree or disagree to all, but humbly request them to pause for a second, see the enthusiasm of your fellow countrymen & think why you shouldn’t. If the spirit of lady in picture doesn’t inspire you to vote for country, then you also have no right to say about its imperfection. 

Sharing this picture with an expectation that it would inspire someone to shed ‘laziness’ & ‘reasons’ and step up ahead to vote.

Brainless Bomb : 2014 Election dates (Leaked)

16 April-124 seats
23 April -141 seats
30 April-107 seats
7 May-85 seats
13 May-86 seats
Result 16 May 2014.

– WhatsApp forward, so understandable that authenticity is not confirmed (In short, this might not be true).

P.S. – Election dates are expected to be declared anytime this week (analysis based on quick back to back cabinet sessions to clear some populist moves ahead of code of conduct implementation).

Brainless Bomb : Are we really a Young Nation?

National Flag

India of Dreams

On eve of India’s 67th Independence day, an individual asked a question, at 67 are we young nation anymore?  It was a question, we do have our share as developing nation, but are we young any more?

Though I had an answer to the question I restrained from speaking out as wanted to also hear other voices & views, and then it came, a masterpiece, comic & laughable but full of sarcasm, re-producing the conversation for all those you can laugh…

Q:  At verge of retirement of 67, is India a really Young Nation?

A: Who said verge of retirement is 67, check out the ages of our leaders, Hon. President is 78, Hon. Vice President is 76, Hon. PM at 81 and with most of members of parliament are above 60, so at 67 we as nation are really Young.

Though the answer left me speechless, humorous but speechless. On a serious note, I do think yes we are a young nation, not to counter point that our leaders are aged as compared to its residents, you and me. The fact is United Kingdom became a Union sometime in 1707 (306 years & counting), so does United State of America became Union in 1776 (237 years & counting) and China became republic in 1912 (101 years & counting).

We can debate numbers but the fact is we are evolving, as a nation and as a society and we have a long way to go before we held our head high to realize the dreams of our founding fathers, and in this sense I say, yes we are, we are a Young Nation at 67.

Brainless Bomb : Is there going to be 2014?

There is lot of chatter in social media about 2014 general elections, specially after Narendra Modi‘s speech in Hyderabad.  People have bombarded social media with status relating to 2014 general elections, like waiting for 2014…

However, looking at attacks by neighbors, polarization (mostly driven by up-holders of so-called secularism), worst state of economy & deteriorating, it looks to me that a stage is all set for history to repeat, yes you guess it right, Emergency of 1976.

This is want prompted me to pen down this statement or should I say unanswered question, is there going to be 2014?


Brainless Bomb : An advice to politicians before start of Winter Session 2012 – Behave Yourself

Yet another Parliament sessions begins today and as media is reporting, this one too is going to be stormy.  Recent sessions, we have seen lot of things which can easily be termed as ‘Un-Parliamentary’ behavior.  Perhaps that would be the basis which prompted ‘The Hindu’, to release this wonderful advert.

I know parliamentarians don’t heed to anybody except themselves, but still looking forward with a hope that this honest effort by newspaper will show them the mirror, the legacy they are creating…  Sharing this superb advert with all, please like/re-blog/retweet/+1…

Brainless Bomb: Equality & Constitution of India

Preamble to the Constitution of India states:


Case Politics

Equality – My Constitutional Right

EQUALITY of status and of opportunity;

Can any politician tell me how can we say promote Equality of opportunity, if we have a reservation for SC/ST in promotions.  Its high time, WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, wake up and rise above petty caste based politics which leads us nowhere…

Today, as an Indian, feeling ashamed of behavior of our political leaders and sleeping citizens.