Too Lazy to Vote – Think why you shouldn’t vote?

Still Think Why to Vote

Too Lazy to Vote – Think why you shouldn’t vote?

On evening when the Chief Election Commission sounded bugle for commencement of the biggest festival of Democracy, Elections, posting this picture I found on Facebook to salute the spirit of this young lady to contribute to this festival of Democracy.

Many of us come up with wired reason for ‘Not’ to vote.  I wouldn’t say I agree or disagree to all, but humbly request them to pause for a second, see the enthusiasm of your fellow countrymen & think why you shouldn’t. If the spirit of lady in picture doesn’t inspire you to vote for country, then you also have no right to say about its imperfection. 

Sharing this picture with an expectation that it would inspire someone to shed ‘laziness’ & ‘reasons’ and step up ahead to vote.


Brainless Bomb : NaMo is there even in Manmohan

Namo in Manmohan

NaMo in Manmohan

NaMo (Narendra Modi, PM candidate of principal opposition party) is also there in name of Manmohan (Dr. Manmohan Singh, current PM of India).

The image represents names of this two distinguished leaders in Hindi, Official language of India.

– Image Courtesy : friends on WhatsApp.

Value Add : United India (Undivided) Map (1760 – In time of Clive)

Map of United & Undivided India – In the time of Clive, Year 1760.

1760 India Map

United Undivided India Map

– found this on one of friend’s ancestral archive.

I am not fully sure of this being the correct one from history, date or boundaries perspective as top right looks little different from rest of the map (there are no lines behind writings – ‘India – In the time of Clive 1760’).  Maybe its style of writing during that time or this map is not entirely true.

Use your own judgement & caution while reusing or quoting this map.


Brainless Bomb : Is there going to be 2014?

There is lot of chatter in social media about 2014 general elections, specially after Narendra Modi‘s speech in Hyderabad.  People have bombarded social media with status relating to 2014 general elections, like waiting for 2014…

However, looking at attacks by neighbors, polarization (mostly driven by up-holders of so-called secularism), worst state of economy & deteriorating, it looks to me that a stage is all set for history to repeat, yes you guess it right, Emergency of 1976.

This is want prompted me to pen down this statement or should I say unanswered question, is there going to be 2014?


Brainless Bomb: Refraining from Gold Buy – Is it Individual’s Duty or Goverment Task?


Finance Minister, Mr. Chidambaram made a statement today that people should refrain from buying Gold as every ounce of gold is imported in India which is paid in dollar value by Government.


I just want to ask honorable finance minister that, where people should invest their saving.  Have you left any investment destination which doesn’t attract taxes.  Yes only one, Gold. Its only because of strong lobbing of the Goldsmiths, the taxes on Gold are the least making it most attractive for investment.  People know its not safe harbor as far as investment is considered, but they have no choice.  Please re-look your investment taxing policies and bring/encourage products that offer better investment outlooks to people and you will never have to request people to refrain from buying (importing) gold.


One example which I can suggest is Bank / NBFC’s Fixed Deposits.  Make them 100% tax free (just like recurring deposits without any upper caps) and kill two birds with single shot. First, you will see rise in advances in your banking system and secondly it will create gold alternatives investment destinations in system. FDs more attractive investment option for middle/ higher-middle income population (large portion of your saving pie) if the current clubbing with income & TDS regime is excluded.  But alias in current system, a salaried individual pays tax on getting salary, runs his monthly expenses and when invest savings to generate some extra income, pays taxes again.  If we can have double taxation treaties for industries, then why the middle/ higher-middle income group is not similar benefits.  I am not suggesting you to blindly move FDs to 100% tax free regime and hurt your tax collection target, but give individual an opportunity to non-gold investment.


However, looking at the careless attitude of the government & bureaucrats towards common people, I think this would be definitely a distinct dream and Indian economy will surely suffer due to poorly conceived  investment polices of Government.


Value Add : Mandatory E-filing of Income Tax Return

Five Rupee Coin

Income Tax (Photo credit: Dinesh Cyanam)


A recent circular from CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes) mandated the filing of Income Tax return compulsorily via electronic mode if your total income exceeds 5 lakh rupees.

This circular means that all assess with total income more than 5 lakh rupees, individual & HUF, who previously had option of filing paper based return, will now have to compulsorily move to efiling.  This means that they have two options still available:

– Obtain Digital Signature & file returns online.  (Costly option)

– File return online without Digital signature, take print of ITR-V & submit by ordinary post or Speed Post only at Bangalore CPC (obvious choice for most of assess)

While this is definitely a progressive move, however, lot of individuals would not be fully aware of the process of efiling (which personally I think is quite easy) & thus they will need to take service of professionals (they charge anything from 99 to 300 rupees).  From the department, I am expecting a quick turn-around on assessment as this time there wont be requirement of special form acceptance camps during July end period & obviously no data-entry efforts.

A notification dated, May 1, 2013 No. 34/2013, issues this mandatory order. Here is the updated extract for the Income Tax Rule 12 (sub rule 3):

The return of income [***] referred to in sub-rule (1) may be furnished in any of the following manners, namely:—

(i)  furnishing the return in a paper form;

(ii)  furnishing the return electronically under digital signature;

(iii) transmitting the data in the return electronically and thereafter submitting the verification of the return in Form ITR-V;

(iv) furnishing a bar-coded return in a paper form:

Provided that—

[(a) an individual or a Hindu undivided family, if his or its total income, or the total income in respect of which he is or it is assessable under the Act during the previous year, exceeds five lakh rupees, shall furnish the return for the assessment year 2013-14 and subsequent assessment years in the manner specified in clause (ii) or clause (iii);


– Source: Income Tax Circular





Brainless Bomb: HOAX on activation of 181 service in Gujarat

Even in situations when there is great grief & sorrow throughout the country due to death of young women post the brutal rape by few individuals, people tend to use such incidents for their personal gains.  No I am not mentioning about the Politicians fueling this agitation in view of Delhi Election in 2013, but some online bloggers who are spreading hoax about different government services & IPC provisions, latest one being activation of 181 service in Gujarat for protecting harassment for women.  Either this is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) effort or cheap publicity stunt.

Recently I came across the FB post that mentions the activation of 181 service in Gujarat for protection of citizens specially women.  Being previously working & tracking initiatives by Govt. of Gujarat, I was surprised if this was true.  I check & re-checked and found it was merely an online publicity stunt by few individuals.  But as Mr. Katju has termed 90%  of Indians, they blindly forward & share such posts.

Let me reiterate there is no 181 service in Gujarat. Yes, there is planned launch of 181 service in Delhi, but that is not police helpline, its Women Helpline. Yes, can be used to call police but not sure how effective it would be. Regarding something being claimed regarding Police reaching in 5-7 minutes, lets be practical, most of places were rape or such crime happens are deserted places and there is very less chance, unless proper infrastructure and self-motivation is there for police to reach in 5-7 minutes. 

I urge people not to forward or share such post without verifying its correctness as this is not only morally wrong but also an crime under section 66A of India Information Technology Act.