Pause & then move ahead… That’s life :-)

Quite a surprising title for this blog and probably a more surprising was the silence on this blog for almost last 7 months, specially given it was time of Elections.  Elections generally give all the free speech enthusiast an option to write & debate till last breath on topic we believe is truth.

Well lots of things have changed when I last posted and till now, we have a new single party government in India and world have let behind the Crimea tension between once the two superpowers and ya, Scotland have cast vote to be part of United Kingdom. The points are endless to count and history books (or say Wikipedia pages) have already been written on it.

I believe, Pause is definitely required from one’s routine life and not because it monotonous, but it helps one to think on life and priorities, it helps to think on same matter with different perspective and that’s what will make us as humankind evolve as community.  With that pause, its time to now move ahead, share more ideas, more interpretation & analysis and voice opinions.

So from now on, things on this blog will be different, the pause has definitely ended with more Right, Wrong & Truth to be revealed.. so keep the reading appetite high.


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