Happy Republic Day 2014 !!!


Things that are free are mostly taken for granted.

On this crucial 65th year of Republic Nation, it’s citizen should exercise its duty by voting for stable & experienced government later this year.

Wishing all my fellow countrymen a happy republic day, 2014.


Brainless Bomb : New Age ‘Apples in Basket’ story

the old age story goes like this…
if you find a rotten apple in basket full of apples, obvious thing to do is remove the rotten apple, else entire basket will be full of rotten apples

the new age story goes like it…
use media to propagate that only basket apples are perfect & apples on trees are always rotten.. collect actual rotten apples from ground, shine & present them as in ‘active support’ of the ‘perfect’ apples in basket

– a food for thought for all AAP followers on day of limited induction of infamy Medha Patkar in their party