Value Add : Plane – Etiquette



Planetiquette are the expected etiquette to be followed during an ‘Plane’ (Air Travel) ride.  Found this wonderful notes on side wrapper of sandwich aboard ‘Indigo’ airlines. Sharing with all for enlightenment.

Some rules of Etiquette to maintain on Board.

It is a good idea to say hello and maintain cordial relations with your fellow passengers. It doesn’t hurt to be friendly. However, if your neighbor pretends not to hear you, or plugs his ears with cotton wool and goes lalalalalalala it may be better to abandon the attempt at conversation.

For your relaxation, you may recline your seat during the flight. Before doing so, be sure to inform the passenger behind you: Sudden movement of your seat may cause injury or upset liquids on the tray table behind you.

Once we land, and after the seat-belt sign has been turned off, kindly resist the urge to dive headlong into the aisles.  Not only will you save yourself bumps and bruises, you will also contribute to making the world a kinder, place to live in.

Thank you for your attention, and have a nice flight.


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