Brainless Bomb : NaMo is there even in Manmohan

Namo in Manmohan

NaMo in Manmohan

NaMo (Narendra Modi, PM candidate of principal opposition party) is also there in name of Manmohan (Dr. Manmohan Singh, current PM of India).

The image represents names of this two distinguished leaders in Hindi, Official language of India.

– Image Courtesy : friends on WhatsApp.


Value Add : Traffic Police are not authorized for checking P.U.C. in Gujarat

A recent RTI (Right to Information) response clearly establishes that Gujarat Traffic Police are not authorized by Pollution Control Board (authority to issue PUC for vehicles) to check P.U.C. of the vehicles. Please download this post and keep in handy in case you are extorted money by Traffic Police for not having or expired P.U.C.

Please note that this is only applicable for State of Gujarat and similar response can be generated for other state by raising RTI query at respective locations. Please file an RTI, it’s just a small investment of your time for better good of entire state residents.

RTO, Gujarat, RTI, PUC

RTI Response on PUC


– many thanks to Shri Hitendrakumar J Patel for raising this RTI & to my friend Vishal for sharing this on WhatsApp.

Note: The RTI response image shown above has been received on WhatsApp and I don’t guarantee authenticity of the content.  However, by logical thinking, I agree with the content of the post and will suggest people to comment on this if they find it useful/ untrue.


Brainless Bomb : City Lion & Government – A Short Story

Lions in action

Lion & Lioness

Two lions escape from a zoo. One of the lions had been captured from the jungle, so he runs back to the jungle. The other was born in the zoo itself – so is basically a city-slicker. He vanishes into the city.

Three days later the jungle-lion is recaptured – and returned to the zoo.

A month passes, then two, three….. but city-lion is not traceable! Finally, after six months later the city-lion is also recaptured and brought back to the zoo.

Jungle-lion is amazed to see his friend.

Jungle-lion: For God’s sake, how were you able to evade these guys for 6 whole months?!

City-lion: Nothing man! I just went to a government department and hid behind a huge pile of dusty files that they have there.

Jungle-lion: But what did you eat there?

City-lion: Yehhh, there was an unlimited supply of government officers. Nobody did any work anyway, so nobody missed the ones I ate and Whenever I ate one, they hired five more.

Jungle-lion: Wow! But, then how did you get caught?

City-lion: Did a great mistake… One day I ate the chai-wala (tea maker). The whole office stopped working & they launched a massive hunt for the chai-wala. I got caught!

– a WhatsApp creativity, I loved & thought of sharing.

– Picture Credit : Gujarat Tourism Website :

Note: The post is intended to share  & cherish the humor across general public and is not intended to cause any derogatory remarks/ statements to any institution or individual.  I am not the author or publisher of the original content.