Brainless Bomb : Everything should be in Balance…

Common Man Cartoon

God was in the process of creating the universe.

And he was explaining to his angels…

‘Look everything should be in balance.”

For example, after every 10 deer there should be a lion.

Look here my fellow angels….

Here is the country of the United States of America.

I have blessed them with prosperity and money. But at the same time I have given them insecurity & tension.

And here is Africa,

I have given them beautiful nature. But at the same time, I have given them climatic extremes.

And here is South America.

I have given them lots of forests. But at the same time, I have given them lesser land so that they would have to cut off the forests.

So you see fellows, everything should be in balance.

One of the angel asked… ‘God, what is this extremely beautiful country here?’

God said.. ‘Ahah…that is the crown piece of all. My most precious creation, ‘INDIA’

It has understanding & friendly people, sparkling streams and serene mountains.

A culture, speaks of the great tradition that they live. Technologically brilliant, and with a mighty heart.

The angel was quite surprised:

‘But God you said everything should be in balance.’

God replied..

‘Look, I have given them… ‘Congress’.


– a WhatsApp creativity, I loved & thought of sharing.

Note: The post is intended to share  & cherish the humor across general public and is not intended to cause any derogatory remarks/ statements to any institution or individual.  I am not the author or publisher of the original content.


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