Brainless Bomb : Are we really a Young Nation?

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On eve of India’s 67th Independence day, an individual asked a question, at 67 are we young nation anymore?  It was a question, we do have our share as developing nation, but are we young any more?

Though I had an answer to the question I restrained from speaking out as wanted to also hear other voices & views, and then it came, a masterpiece, comic & laughable but full of sarcasm, re-producing the conversation for all those you can laugh…

Q:  At verge of retirement of 67, is India a really Young Nation?

A: Who said verge of retirement is 67, check out the ages of our leaders, Hon. President is 78, Hon. Vice President is 76, Hon. PM at 81 and with most of members of parliament are above 60, so at 67 we as nation are really Young.

Though the answer left me speechless, humorous but speechless. On a serious note, I do think yes we are a young nation, not to counter point that our leaders are aged as compared to its residents, you and me. The fact is United Kingdom became a Union sometime in 1707 (306 years & counting), so does United State of America became Union in 1776 (237 years & counting) and China became republic in 1912 (101 years & counting).

We can debate numbers but the fact is we are evolving, as a nation and as a society and we have a long way to go before we held our head high to realize the dreams of our founding fathers, and in this sense I say, yes we are, we are a Young Nation at 67.


2 thoughts on “Brainless Bomb : Are we really a Young Nation?

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