Milestone in Blog’s Journey – Views 5K

Almost two years before, January 2011, when I started writing this blog, it was with a purpose to present my view & analysis to fellow Indians & world at large, mostly on my strong segments, politics and economics.  The idea was to share & spread positiveness embedded within me towards better India, which I realized during late college days when I choose path of being in India & act as change agent rather than be on foreign soil and play blame gamer.  Over these two years I have shared my thoughts on various topics affecting common man’s life and some radical but innovative solution to the existing system or problems. Every post had its importance, but this one is special as today, this blog received all time views mark of 5000, purely based on my writing… Happy moment for sure…

5K Hits Screenshot

5000 views Screenshot

I have received numerous feedback from people across walk of life and I take this milestone of 5K views as something which will rejuvenate me to write more & write Right, as I promised myself two years ago.  I thank each and everyone who visited, commented & shared my thoughts of positive India!!!

I believed, believe & would continue to believe, India as a country would change for better from current level, if we citizens of India move towards much needed change, step after step, filled with enthusiasm and positiveness.

Jai hind !!!



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