Brainless Bomb: HOAX on activation of 181 service in Gujarat

Even in situations when there is great grief & sorrow throughout the country due to death of young women post the brutal rape by few individuals, people tend to use such incidents for their personal gains.  No I am not mentioning about the Politicians fueling this agitation in view of Delhi Election in 2013, but some online bloggers who are spreading hoax about different government services & IPC provisions, latest one being activation of 181 service in Gujarat for protecting harassment for women.  Either this is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) effort or cheap publicity stunt.

Recently I came across the FB post that mentions the activation of 181 service in Gujarat for protection of citizens specially women.  Being previously working & tracking initiatives by Govt. of Gujarat, I was surprised if this was true.  I check & re-checked and found it was merely an online publicity stunt by few individuals.  But as Mr. Katju has termed 90%  of Indians, they blindly forward & share such posts.

Let me reiterate there is no 181 service in Gujarat. Yes, there is planned launch of 181 service in Delhi, but that is not police helpline, its Women Helpline. Yes, can be used to call police but not sure how effective it would be. Regarding something being claimed regarding Police reaching in 5-7 minutes, lets be practical, most of places were rape or such crime happens are deserted places and there is very less chance, unless proper infrastructure and self-motivation is there for police to reach in 5-7 minutes. 

I urge people not to forward or share such post without verifying its correctness as this is not only morally wrong but also an crime under section 66A of India Information Technology Act.


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