Brainless Bomb : Can Music & Cricket treated differently?



Last month, there was a huge controversy when Raj Thackeray said something to Asha Bhosale regarding facilitating Pakistani  Singers.  I don’t want to comment on what Raj said or ‘not’ said as I was haven’t heard from his mouth and I fairly would like to reserve my comments on reports issued by ‘independent’ media.

India Flag

India – Pakistan Flags

The question of concern is how can government of India ban cricketing ties with Pakistan and allow such reality shows cashing on patriotism.  Everyone know with enough proofs and facts, that Pakistan have been involved in almost every terrorist attacks on Indian soil and what we have done in return, at maximum ask our ambassador to return, stop cricketing ties and after few years, introduced confidence building measures to normalize the tension.

I will definitely endorse the thought that if we are at war with Pakistan for supporting terrorism in our country, we should ban all such events and if we are not doing that, we should not be hypocrites by banning the game of Cricket between the two nations.  It’s definitely the need of hour to make ourselves clear what we want, a short lasting compromise or ever lasting peace.  I fully support Raj if he said that Asha Bhosle or any other individual, especially a mumbaikar, should not have facilitated or even shared a stage with any Pakistanis. Let me pray for all those who still flaunt their hypocrisy by supporting ‘aman ki asha’ or similar initiatives. 

God Bless us all!!!







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