Brainless Bomb : Sedition, Innovative Journalism & Protesting Human Rights Violation on Minorities

When a small time activist raises tough question for State it’s called Sedition….

When a news anchor share secret national documents publically, it’s said Innovative Journalism….

When an Individual damages most important symbol of martyrdom of Indian Armed Forces, it’s called Protesting Human Rights Violations on Minorities….


Why Indian Police Uniform is of ‘Khakhi’ colour?

I am sure like me lot of people would ponder over this question but wouldn’t have found answer,  I got a pretty convincing answer from TOI column.  So here it is for everyone…

In the mid-1800s, British soldiers in India began dyeing their white uniforms a dusty colour, using anything from muddy water to tea (camellia sinensis). Cutch (the same as the astringent catechu) was a reliable dye already in use for calico-prints in India’s cotton fabric industry. The dye created the colour khak, an Indian word for dust, earth, and ashes. In 1847, Sir Harry Burnett Lumsden brought in the first official khaki uniform.
-Amit Loiwal, Dubai
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