Freedom – Corruption – Anna : Sampoorna Kraanti

Within few hours from now, Anna Hazare, will lead a small group of people backed by largest democracy of the world for a movement against the corruption, introduction of the Jan Lokpal Bill.  It was humble to see Anna saying, that Jan Lokpal would not completely eradicate the corruption in country, but will definitely bring it down by 60-65% (i doubt this figure, but am happy even if this gets reduced by 1%).

I have morally opposing the Jan Lokpal last time when Anna Hazare sat on Hunger strike, but now after being enlightened about the bill, the difference and th ‘toothless’ ‘Jokepal’ being proposed by the Government (i would love to use word government, as i believe even with BJP/NDA in power, they would have done same), I surely want to change my stance to say… enough is enough.. lets bring the bill and give it a try.  Too much have been written and too much have been debated about the bill, but it has not been given an honest effort to see this bill a day of light.

I feel sad that congress is not able to get the people’s nod on this and have failed miserable on this front.  Anna’s arrest today will just make things worse (or better) them.  Why worse, nothing new to write, all news channels are pitching this up.  But why better… interesting… I am sensing how this is going to be… Congress will arrest Anna Hazare, wide-spread protect and public will anger out congress… Sonia Gandhi will return from (very well planned) medical state and go to public asking for forgiveness (as she did for 1984 sikh roits)… Manmohan Singh will ask for public apology, resign on moral grounds… under all this ‘tamasha’, digvijay singh will suggest Rahul Gandhi’s name, media will give it a fire, and congress working committee will ‘unanimously’ select RG as next prime minister… with government change, people will get new hope and everyone will be happy.

But what makes me more sad is the inactiveness of BJP.  I think, they should use this opportunity not to score political goals but to establish the fact that they are the true people’s representative.   BJP in centre is similarly to Congress in Gujarat… totally inactive.  We definitely need an active opposition party not restricted to walkouts in parliament.

So today is very important day in history of Independent India, and coincidentally, the movement is scheduled to start from the park named after, Bharat Ratna Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan, an individual who led the struggle of freedom from Indira Gandhi and Congress.

God Bless India! Vande Mataram.