A World’s View Without Glasses – India’s Guangdong

It has been long time we have been foolishly (intelligently to gain political advantages) speaking on the Gujarat Riots and Narendra modi.  A recent article by Economist in their print edition highlights both the pros and cons of the State of Gujarat.  One thing I understand out of the article is the clear path being showed to India, on how to prosper as world powerhouse.

I will still argue with author on the some example he sighted on the ‘healing wounds’ because yes they exists but doesn’t reflect the correct sentiments… but yes they do exists and will always be there till all the politicians shed their ‘divide and rule’ policy and i fear it will never practically happen.  A suggest to read the article and post your own inferences of Gujarat and its development politics…

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A World’s View Without Glasses – Baba Ramdev & National Advisory Council (NAC)

R Jagannathan recently wrote an article in First Post asking some 4 blunt questions about NAC (National Advisory Council) which I bet half of Indian wouldn’t be even aware of.

With recent events or better term is  ‘Circus of Democracy’ that happened with Baba Ramdev, the writes draws a very fine analogy between the Baba Ramdev and NAC.

As an Indian, I would definitely like government answering this questions, but I know, I would never find an answer to this.

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