Economics & Entertainment – A Cricket Perspective

Few minutes from now, there begins the biggest and most prestigious tournament in the world of cricket and just like billion of other Indians, I too am looking forward to same with a wish that India wins it…  But it’s too early (unlike news channels) to say who will perform best on that day 🙂


I was recently reading a survey by ASSOCHAM (The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India) that this cricketing extravagance would result to loss of 768 million man hours.  I just remembered the time when I used to play game called Rebuild where one of the factors of success was the happiness of the society.  I would instead contradict to say this kind of events brings efficient productivity to the business houses (particularly the private business) and the reason why I point it out is simple. Firstly, the sports or entertainment are necessary to bring cheer and happiness to the individual… look beyond is normal mechanical life and get to know the world with refreshed perspective. Secondly, if understood with positive note, these events teach us a lot about life and thus help us to grow and mature.  Third and last, with craze of cricket people (in private organization) plan their work and try to wrap up before the match start, inducing the efficiency in the handling time so that they can refresh themselves with the entertainment stuff later.  On the sidelines, this is the sport which will bring all men, unlike women to talk with each other without any actual purpose.


Again, when I was watching the glimpse of the opening ceremony at Bangladesh, I thought of the immense potential this game has to provide the thrust to the economy.  I had never imagined Bangladesh, after the feedback from my wife about her visit to country, that they can pull strings to such a good opening ceremony.  Obviously there would be assistance to the ceremony from India and Sri Lanka, the co-host but I truly believe they had put forward their best foot to the world. Kudos to Bangladesh!!!  This is something which again is a side support to the morale of the people, the belief that they can do it and they can do better in coming days.  Something similar that happened after CWG 2010 opening ceremony.  So ASSOCHAM and the surveyors to also look and report the other side of the coin!!!


A country where cricket is like a religion, I think such events are bound to more as moral boost for people rather that the loss of productivity and will have its positive effects on the individual as well as society.


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