A story behind the inception of this blog!

It has been sometime now that I have been thinking of writing my own blog, a blog where I would write only about what I think about the world events, mostly politically and economical. With that at mind I thought of writing this blog…

When I was a young (at age of course, at heart I am still), I had a developed a habit of reading newspapers and articles, largely due to my father’s habit of reading newspaper with morning tea, and that had developed an ability to put the pieces together an derive my own analysis…  It was using this ability only, I during my school days I was known for the information I had regarding almost every thing concerning that days… (You can feel free translate term ‘information’ as ‘gossips’ also….)

But as I grew older (read younger…) I realized that my initial analysis were actually seeing light of the day and that I should concentrate in doing this more often for me to believe in it… and then it came a day which was going to make me believe in what I describe as my ability to analyze information….b’coz it had direct impact on my family’s life…

I was given a topic ‘Mergers & Acquisition in Indian Banking’ in early 2005 by one of our professor in M.B.A., along with three other bright colleagues, and like always the research portion came to me. It was then I discovered about the ‘CBS’ – Core Banking Solution and how it would be game changer in Indian Banks, soon to realize, how SBI can transform itself using the same. It was in that presentation along with other analysis, we presented the merger of associate banks (where my father worked) with SBI to happen for sure but only post 2008 (considering various political, economic and other factors) and it did… (Now my father is employee of SBI)

This story had embedded a force within me that I should always try to analyze and let live my ability to process information… This blog is going to be for the same reason; probably someone would use the information processed by me to make a larger impact to his/her life… I might not be able to write ‘Swaminomics’ but I can surely represent myself, another common man!!!  But on serious note, I do like reading, thinking and analyzing about events that directly doesn’t effect to anyone but indirectly create a ripple in water probably too strong to overturn us from the ‘boat’ called balanced life.

Another Common Man’, that is what I believe is my adaptation of RKL and it stands for my side of story.  I had over a long time believed that every event can be viewed by three ways… Firstly the Right one (here it will be mine and those agree with me), Secondly Wrong (those who don’t agree with me) and The Truth (something which is nearer to Right and Wrong or probably buried under time and probably will never see light of day)… So here I am writing the Right side of an event (my point of the world’s view) and request you to pen down yours to reach nearer to ‘the truth’.

Today, I am writing the first article (probably after almost two months of creation of this blog, due to my laziness in execution of what I think personal), going ahead I would surely post short analysis of information I come across… do wish me good luck!!!


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